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Améry Gabriel Private Educational Institute has offered affordable correspondence programs in hospitality and tourism since 1990. Our Hospitality Courses Online website offers you the most flexible and affordable hospitality training leading to the world-recognized diplomas and certificates issued by the American Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Institute. These include the two most prestigious diplomas:

  • New: 16-Course Dual Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Food and Beverage Management Diploma
  • Individual Certificate of Completion "Check out the online learning menu HERE!"
  • Hospitality Courses Online offers you compelling reasons to consider our industry-recognized programs:

    ~ Train at your own pace and schedule

    With Hospitality Courses Online, you train at your own pace and schedule. You can complete the diploma requirements one course at a time, or go at an accelerated pace. It is up to you. Because you only have to pay for the current course you are taking, you can schedule your home study program to suit your budget and time commitments.

    ~ Share the TEXTBOOKs, share the cost

    Share a textbook with multiple other students in your area [enrolled in the program] and share its cost!

    ~ My Personal Coaching Guarantee

    As you progress through the courses, I will be your personal coach. I guarantee to make myself personally available to review your progress and help you meet your course objectives. I look forward to helping you succeed in the hospitality industry!

    Amery Gabriel Hospitality Instructor

      Best regards,
      Améry Gabriel,
      Certified Hospitality Specialist

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    Certified Tourism Hospitality Program Training
    Why take Certified Tourism Hospitality Program Training?
    Hospitality Training Information
    This page outlines our Hospitality Training Information on courses, diplomas, and certificates of specialization.
    Dual Management Diploma
    The Dual Diploma consists of the 2 most popular AHLA Management Diplomas avaliable with a 16-course program!
    Hospitality Management Diploma
    The Hospitality Management Diploma is a world recognized certificate from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.
    Food and Beverage Management Diploma
    The Food and Beverage Management Diploma is a 12 course program from AHLA
    Certificates of Specialization
    This page lists the various certificates of specializations in hospitality offered
    Hospitality Training Tips
    This page includes Hospitality Training Tips for students of the Amery Gabriel Institute
    Hospitality Training Blog
    Amery Gabriel discusses various student questions from courses.
    Hospitality Student Testimonials
    This page lists some Hospitality Student Testimonials.
    Hospitality Job Training FAQ
    This page outlines Hospitality Job Training FAQs.
    Contact Information
    Contact information for Amery Gabriel Private Educational Institute.
    Hospitality Resources
    This page contains links to many useful hospitality resources.